Law Firm De Foer handles several topics

Law firm De Foer Law in Antwerp employs lawyers specialised in several topics, including:

Corporate law:
In-company coaching, preparing articles of association, minutes of meetings, intervention in conflicts within the company, assistance to the Board of Directors or the General Assembly.

Commercial law:
Preparing contracts, interventions in commercial disputes, representation before the commercial court, preparing documents and general terms and conditions of sale.

Attachment law:
Conservatory and executory attachment, objection against attachment procedures, etc.

Tax law:
Procedures in relation to direct and indirect taxes, in civil and criminal proceedings.

Diamond industry:
Antwerp is the center of Europe and plays an important role in the diamond industry.
In view of the international relations, this topic is a very complex and specific matter.

Contracts and agreements:
Writing, amending or correcting contracts, both in commercial and civil transactions.

Collections of invoices:
Reminders, default notices, attachment procedures, summons before the court, negotiations with regard to payments.

Preparation, assistance in decision-making, follow-up and finalization of the liquidation of companies.

Liability law:
Liability based on the concept of 'fault' in accordance with article 1382 of the Civil Code and different types of liability in companies and undertakings.

Mediation and transactions:
Mediation in civil and commercial matters.

Hereditary law - gifts - wills:
Advice, preparing the necessary documents, and follow-up and update of these documents, inheritance planning, etc.

Criminal law:
Assistance during criminal investigations, assistance before the criminal court, specifically with regard to 'white-collar crimes'.

Family law and law of persons:
Cases related to:

  • Divorce and the legal and fiscal consequences thereof (divorce irretrievable breakdown, collaborative divorce);
  • Collaborative divorce deed, preparing collaborative divorce deed for notary public (collaborative divorce);
  • Arrangements with regard to the children (living arrangements, cost settlement, parental authority, children's account, etc.)
  • Alimony between ex-spouses;
  • Adultery investigation;
  • Termination of legal or factual cohabitation and the consequences thereof;
  • Liquidation-distribution of matrimonial property, liquidation-distribution of common assets as a result of cohabitation;
  • Full adoption or normal adoption;
  • Dispute about paternity;
  • Name changes;
  • Rights of co-mothers;
  • ...

And all other family disputes.

Property right:

  • Liquidation - distribution after divorce, after terminating legal and factual cohabitation.
  • Matrimonial property law
  • Choice or change of marriage regime
  • Inheritance law
  • Gifts
  • Wills

Juvenile law
ANN MARTENS also attended specific training to become a juvenile lawyer, which allows her to appear on behalf of a minor in an alarming educational situation.

If you rent or let a home or commercial property and you want to be well-informed right from the start, or you have problems with the existing rent, you can call on us for information about your rights and obligations, as a landlord or tenant.
We handle all aspects of rental law.

Traffic law:
If you have to appear in court for a violation of the traffic code or the police law in relation to road traffic, such as speeding tickets and collisions, alcohol intoxication or drunkenness, hit and run ... you can rely on us to defend you before the police court or the criminal court.

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